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Common sense of maintenance of self aligning ball bearing exception
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The main task of self aligning ball bearing analysis service life is based on the large amount of background material, analysis of data and fault mode, identify the main factors causing bearing failure, therefore, put forward the improvement measures, extended bearing service period, in order to avoid the occurrence of sudden onset of early failure of bearing.
The power operation starts from the low speed and low speed and slowly increases to the rated operation of the fixed condition. The items in the test run are whether there are abnormal sound, change of bearing temperature, leakage or discoloration of lubricant and so on. If the anomaly is found, the operation should be stopped immediately, the machinery should be checked and the bearing inspection should be removed when necessary.
1. Bearing life
Under the action of a certain load, the number of rotations or hours before the pitting of self aligning ball bearing is known as the bearing life.
Because of the difference in material uniformity between manufacturing accuracy and material uniformity, even if the same material and same size of the same batch of bearings are used under the same working conditions, their service life will be different. If the statistical life span is 1 units, the longest relative life is 4 units, the shortest is 0.1-0.2 unit, the longest and the shortest life ratio is 20-40 times.
In order to determine the standard of self aligning ball bearing life, the bearing life and reliability are linked.
2. The rated life span
The same size (type, material, technology) of a number of bearings, under the same working conditions, 90% of bearings do not cause pitting, and the number of revolutions or hours experienced is the rated life of bearings.
3. The basic rated dynamic load
In order to compare the carrying capacity of self aligning ball bearing against pitting corrosion, the maximum load that the rated life of the bearing is one million turn (106) is the basic rated dynamic load, expressed in C.
That is self aligning ball bearing, under the action of C of rated dynamic load, the bearing operates one million Revolution (106) without pitting failure, and the reliability is 90%. The larger the C is, the higher the load capacity is.
For the basic rated dynamic load
(1) the centripetal bearing refers to the pure radial load
(2) the thrust ball bearing is the pure axial load
(3) the centripetal thrust bearing is the radial component that produces the pure radial displacement
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